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VOREXX Scalp is a continuation of successful series of strategies VOREXX and VOREXX 2.0.By the way, both are currently available to download online, $200 and $250. The strategies have previously used, among others, an Initial Balance and Relative Strength Index indicators – hence the acronym IB-Vorexx, which we have slightly modified into VOREXX. Now, the strategy works differently, but we have kept the same name. In the winter of 2014, we have started to program a strategy with my friends. Since then, we, binary options & forex traders and programmers from all over the world have been continuously improving it.


1). Indicator is Repaint / Redraw?

Answer: No! indicator is not Repaint / Redraw.

2). Whats is the Winning percentage of the indicator?

Answer: Indicator winning percentage is above then 85% if you follow the instruction that we’ll provide you after buying the indicator.

3). When the arrow signals come?

Answer: 80% arrow appears at the beginning of the candle and 20% in middle of the candles.

4). In which Broker Vorexx works perfectly?

Answer: Doesn’t matter which broker you use for trading. Vorexx gives the signals at MT4 you just have to pick the signals and place the trades in your Broker.

5). Is Vorexx works in auto trading.

Answer: No! It’s just design for Manual Trading.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Payment must be send within 4 working days, however if this is not possible, please let us know to discuss solutions.
  • You will be notified on the day when your indicator have been ready to send you to via e-mail
  • Please note that if there are any problems, contact us first via e-mail giving full details of any problem along with your user ID
  • 4 days after we have despatched your order, if we have not been notified by you of any problem, or received feedback, we will send a feedback reminder.
  • It is the customers responsibility to ensure that payment is received in the due time as listed above:
  • Indicator will be send within 48 hrs of cleared fund, subject to the conditions listed in the payment section above.

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